Preparing Your Home

First impressions are important in creating excitement and fostering a feeling of security.The effects of lighting, décor, and landscaping can have a dramatic impact on the perceived value of your home. Listed below are some ideas to enhance your home’s appearance and help you prepare your home for sale:
New Paint: New paint, particularly light colors, makes rooms appear brighter and larger.
Furniture: Avoid clutter by removing excess furniture and decoration. If your home is vacant, consider staging.
Mirrors: Mirrors can brighten a room with reflected light and make a room appear larger.
Open Windows: Be sure to air out your home periodically to keep it fresh and avoid strong-scented air fresheners.
Fresh Flowers: Add color and warmth with fresh flower arrangements.
Inviting Entry: A new doormat and potted annuals welcome buyers to your door.
Lighting: Turn on all of your lights to add brightness and enhance your home’s charm.
Sunshine: Open draperies and curtains and let the sunshine in. Dark rooms are not typically appealing.
Make Necessary Repairs: Loose knobs, sticking doors and windows, warped cabinet drawers and minor flaws can detract from home value. A buyers confidence can decrease when minor everyday things are not attended to; it calls into question the general maintenance of the home.
Avoid Surprises: Consider obtaining reports and inspections before marketing your property. This gives you the opportunity to make repairs before hand.
Leave the House: Potential buyers will be more relaxed if you are not present when the house is being shown.