The Importance of Pricing

Selecting your agent is the most important decision you'll make when selling your home. Pricing your property correctly is the second. The list price directly effects buyers' interest, the amount of time your home is on the market, and ultimately the selling price.

Research has shown that the probability of sale is directly proportional to the price. Buyers give serious consideration to properties priced at market value. The number of prospective buyers decreases the higher your home is priced above its realistic market value. By pricing your property correctly, you will expose your home to a greater percentage of prospective buyers and increase the likelihood of a sale.
Property generates the most excitement and interest from agents and potential buyers when first listed. Accurate initial pricing allows you to take advantage of this early opportunity.

Timing is an important factor in selling your home. An unrealistic price can prolong the selling process and actually yield a lower selling price. Because the interest level in a property declines the longer it remains on the market, "overpricing" may lead to a lower selling price.

Limiting Conditions
This report is based upon the following premises and limiting conditions.
  1. No investigation of title to the property has been made. The premises are assumed to be free and clear of all deeds of trust, leases use restrictions, and reservations, easements, cases of actions pending, tax liens, and bonded indebtedness, unless otherwise specified.
  2. No survey or legal or engineering analysis of this property has been made by us. It is assumed that the legal description and area computations furnished are accurate. We assume the existing boundaries to be correct and assume no responsibility for any conditions not readily observable from our customary inspection of the premises which might affect the valuation, excepting those items specifically mentioned in this report. This report assumes the condition of the property has remained unchanged since the date of the last field inspection.
  3. Information obtained for use in this report is believed to be true and correct to the best of our ability; however, no responsibility is assumed for errors or omissions nor for information not disclosed which might otherwise affect the valuation estimate. This report is based in part upon information assembled from a wide range of sources and, therefore, the incorporated data cannot be guaranteed in any fashion.